Last Revised: 6/1/2021


  • United HVAC Motors 21-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You can return your purchase for any reason for exchange or refund up to twenty-one (21) days from the date of invoice unless otherwise noted. Proof of purchase from United HVAC Motors is required for all returns. 
  • RETURNS AFTER 21 DAYS. You may not return product for any reason after 21 days from purchase.


If you need to return an item, please follow these steps:

  • Carefully package the item(s) and include PROOF OF PURCHASE with the reason for return written and included. 
  • Indicate whether you would like a replacement product or a credit.
  • Sign in to your Account, Select Orders, Select Warrant Request, Select Return on 2nd Page.

III. Terms / Restocking Fees.

–  Must be packed securely; improper packing will void the return.
–  Refunds will only be made to the original payment method.
– Serial Number Label must NOT be removed
– Void Stickers Must NOT be broken. 
– Returning Past Deadline, Voids Return
*** If any of the terms above are not followed, a refund will not be issued. ***
  • Unused motor: 15% Restocking Fee
  • Working used motor (Working): 20% Restocking Fee
  • Not working used motor (Not Working): 35% Restocking Fee
  • Other Issue: Please include a detailed note
  • Not Our Motor: No Refund


For assistance with returns, please call United HVAC Motors customer care line at (813) 440-8108 or email us at


Defects in the product must be claimed within 21 days of the original purchase.  

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