Our Team

At United HVAC Motors, we immensely value our committed team of staff. It is to their endeavors that we owe our success so far. Exceptionally well trained, diverse in talent and experience they work as one team — sharing ideas and opinions, collaborating effectively to bring optimum results to each activity or engagement. This has been our trademark advantage and our inherent strength. We continue to work together constructively to offer even greater efficiency in every aspect of our business: striving towards our goal of maintaining 100% customer satisfaction while providing a quality product.

Michael Starratt

Founder & CEO

I’m Michael. I’m the chief around here, the man with a mission and the plan to get it done. I spend most of my days writing our technical manuals and coming up with the most efficient ways to get our products built. I’m an engineer by degree and I love designing and building new techniques and equipment especially suited to our product.
Research and Development are my strong points. I love building teams and watching our employees succeed in life. When an employee is excited about doing something for the first time such as a new home, getting married, children, or continued education it makes me extremely proud of them and our company.
In my off time you can catch me spending time with family and especially my amazing wife. We are working on bringing children into this world and cannot wait! I enjoy boating, golfing, and fishing. I enjoy basketball and even put up a basketball hoop in our company parking lot to show these younger guys who the boss is!
You can reach me anytime at:

Samuel Matos

VP of Production

I’m Samuel, I’m the VP of Production at United HVAC Motors. I’m a true success story for this company as I started at the lowest position and worked my way to the top. It makes me an effective manager to have worked at every position in this company. I truly understand what it takes to make a quality product and it shows in the happiness of our customers.
Away from work, I love spending time with my wonderful daughter and my beautiful wife. I enjoy playing basketball & staying fit through exercising. I’m working on a Bachelor of Science in business management and can clearly see where academics and real world management connect.
If you ever need to speak to me, you can reach me anytime at:


Packing & Logistics

Hi everyone, my name is Benjamin. I’m responsible for the packing room at United and I always get the motors to you safely & securely packed. I deal with UPS directly and get all our packages shipped on time and safely on their way to you. You can sometimes catch me on the phone taking our overflow customer support phone calls. We get very busy during the summer and I’m a team player and love helping out. Teamwork makes the dream work!
I was born in Puerto Rico! I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life living in Florida. I love my family and also love Jesus. I have quite a few hobbies including writing music and playing on my Xbox or PS. I’m always up for a good competition and will take you on 1-on-1 in basketball anytime!

Jason Gagel

Inventory & Distribution

Hi everyone, my name is Jason Gagel. I am responsible for all the inventory and distribution at United HVAC Motors. I’m in charge of making sure all your hard-to-get motors are in stock.
I also do the distribution side purchasing products and building customer relationships. I am a very organized and by-the-book kind of guy. I keep a positive attitude no matter how hard the challenge.
I was born and raised in Florida for 33 years now. I enjoy many things but most of all Video Games, and Basketball.
I am a very competitive person at heart and no matter what I am doing I give 100% and try to surpass my limits. I enjoy new challenges and figuring out how to complete the goal.
If you ever need to speak with me, you can reach me anytime at


Lead Assembler / Quality Control

I’m Willie, the lead assembler at United and promise you the same quality product over and over. I’m best known in the shop as the guy that goes the extra mile to get the job done. I’ve received amazing training at United and it has led me to great success in my job. Teamwork, positive attitudes, and a dedication to our product. We use the highest grade replacement parts possible. We happily provide a warranty on all our products, knowing we produce with quality in mind.
I’m a Florida native, born in Port Charlotte on Christmas Day! I love God, my country, and my family. If you let Jesus hold the wheel, you never have to worry about where life brings you. I hope someday to be an ordained pastor and bring my love of God and Jesus to the younger generation.


Lead Acquisitions / Quality Control

I’m David, I’m in charge of acquisitions of products and preparing them for assembly. Ever wonder why your product looks so perfect and shiny? Just remember this guy dedicates himself to the very best. You can find me coming into work in the morning with a big smile on my face asking if anyone wants a cup of coffee. I’ve found a company that I love being a part of and I learn something new every single day.
I’m a family man, lover of god, and especially my daughter and my beautiful wife. In my off time, you can catch me donating my time to the community and younger generation. A little known fact about me, I used to be that trouble maker until the community gave me the strength to be the man I am today.