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Free 2 Day Shipping Anywhere in the USA and 1 Day in Florida
Free 2 Day Shipping Anywhere in the USA and 1 Day in Florida

York Replacement Blower Motors

Are you looking for a York blower motor replacement? Explore our wide selection of blower motors compatible with York HVAC systems. When searching for the perfect replacement motor, we recommend referring to your unit's serial number to ensure compatibility. All our remanufactured blower motors come with our extended 2-year guarantee. Shop now and get your HVAC system running smoothly again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify if my York blower motor needs replacement?

Determining whether your York blower motor requires replacement involves observing various symptoms indicative of malfunction. These symptoms may manifest as weakened airflow, unusual noises emanating from the system such as grinding or squealing, or even a complete cessation of air circulation. Upon noticing any of these signs, it's imperative to promptly address the issue to prevent further damage to your HVAC system.

What is a remanufactured HVAC blower motor?

A remanufactured HVAC blower motor is a component that has been restored to a like-new condition through a comprehensive refurbishment process.

During remanufacturing, the blower motor undergoes thorough inspection, disassembly, and cleaning. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced with new or refurbished components to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The motor is then reassembled, tested, and calibrated to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

What are the main advantages of a remanufactured blower motor compared to a new original one?

Opting for a remanufactured HVAC blower motor offers several advantages. Firstly, remanufactured motors are typically more cost-effective than purchasing a new original one, providing significant savings. On average, opting for a remanufactured blower motor can save you approximately 30% to 50% compared to purchasing a new original blower motor.

Additionally, choosing a remanufactured motor contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste through the reuse of existing materials.

Do you provide any warranty for your remanufactured blower motors?

At United HVAC Motors, we have such confidence in the quality of our products that we offer an extended 2-year warranty. While the standard industry warranty is typically just 1 year, we are committed to providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. Additionally, you can easily extend your warranty 100% online through our website, ensuring continued coverage and protection for your investment.

How much does it cost to replace a York blower motor?

The cost associated with replacing York blower motors can vary based on several factors, including the specific model of the motor, any additional parts required for installation, and potential labor fees if opting to hire a professional for the job. Additionally, the overall duration of the replacement process may vary, typically taking several hours to complete depending on the complexity of the installation and any unforeseen complications encountered along the way.

Can I replace a York blower motor myself or do I need a professional?

Deciding whether to undertake the replacement of a York blower motor yourself or enlist the services of a professional depends on your level of experience and familiarity with HVAC systems. Given the technical nature of the task, replacing a blower motor necessitates a certain degree of expertise in handling electrical connections and system disassembly. Attempting the replacement without prior experience may pose risks such as electrical hazards, improper installation leading to system malfunction, or potentially voiding warranty coverage.


Excellent customer service! My A/C unit went out, and I needed a new blower motor. United HVAC Motors had a rebuilt one that they shipped to me overnight. I installed it the next day, and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend this company!

John Dutton

I wanted to thank you for your help and say that I am more then pleased with the performance of the module I purchased as well as the service I received.  The unit arrived very quickly after my purchase and works as advertised.  I will be recommending United to anyone with similar issues and wish you all continued success

Ryan Lambert

Everybody working for this company are pleasantly to deal with. I'll do business with this company forever from now!

Thach Trinh

Jonathan guaranteed he had the part we needed and boy did he come through, all we had to do was verify the part number. We highly recommend!!! 3 thousand stars!!!!

Emma McClure

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These guys were outstanding, they went above and beyond to help me with my motor problems. I would definitely recommend them.

Kenneth Morris

Awesome to deal with. Mike answered my questions and I got the right motor I needed. They shipped super quick. The new motor was packed well and arrived in 2 days. They have made a customer for life.

Michael Bennett

My experience with them was great. They helped me make sure I was getting the correct part number motor, and shipped it out same day! It arrived the next day, replacement was a breeze and AC is back to working as it should. Would highly recommend!

Louis D.

My blower motor went out and it was very expensive in my city. Ordered it from here on a Saturday and received it Thursday since Monday was a holiday. Works great with a free 2 year warranty and very fast shipping. Also way cheaper than what I found in town. Will definitely shop here again.

Solo C.

Extremely happy to have come across this company. I saved over $1,200 using one of their motors. Plus a 2 year warranty! Thank you Michael for all your personal help!

Chuck Place

Shipping was quick. Support materials on their website was very helpful. Motor was easy to install and works excellent. Very satisfied with purchase.

Robert Valentin

Staff helpful during ordering process, quick delivery. Reconditioned Motor was an exact replacement as promised and works great. Saved $600 over cost of new motor.

Dick Boecker

Extremely fast shipping! We ordered a replacement fan motor in the afternoon and it was delivered the next day! And they were at least 10% less than any other company! Yes, it is remanufactured part BUT their warranty is the same as the the companies selling new parts. Certainly worth the price!

D Cornwall

I love United HVAC motors. Very hard working and dedicated team members and thank Elvis for his great customer service. I highly recommend HVAC motors.

Yunia Venero

Just purchased a blower motor from United. It had an issue and I called their technical support. They were very polite and helpful. Instead of going through a few steps, they graciously just sent me a new one for the inconvenience. This is what a great company looks like. I would definitely recommend them!!!!! Thank you.

Larry Taylor

United HVAC Motors is my go to for HVAC parts and accessories. They provide a quality product at a great value. The main reason for 5 stars is their exceptional customer service. I'd give them more if I could. They always take the time to ensure I'm getting what I need.

Eliot Hood

Absolutely couldn't be more satisfied with the motor I received from united. I spoke with them over the phone the guys guided me to the correct numbers on the motor. They had the exact one I needed. The guy sent me the link and it showed up on time.

Florida Man